How To Download YouTube Videos With Audials One

This is a paid program but not a paid-for review. It concerns a program called Audials One 2020.

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I like to call it a downloader on steroids. It has many built-in features to record/download music and video from the Internet. I’m just going to try to download a playlist from YouTube. I’m not really a music fan of any type. So for this example, I decided to download a playlist from the first name that came to mind– Elvis.

So now all I have to do is figure out how it is done. I opened up the program and the first thing I noticed was the option towards the bottom left to Convert video to audio. In the output section, I changed that to Save to original folder. This saves your music to your music folder and videos to your video folder.


Then towards the top left, I clicked on the Music icon.

Then, I clicked on the YouTube Website/Link icon.


Then I got a confirmation dialogue box. I checked the option Don’t show this message again and clicked OK.


Then I had a little popup box at the top right of my browser labeled Record YouTube. I searched for Elvis on YouTube and saw the Elvis Presley – Top Tracks PLAY ALL playlist link. So I right-clicked on this link and clicked on Copy link address (this is how it’s worded in Opera).


Then, in the Record YouTube box in the blank section labeled URL, I right-clicked and pasted it in.


Then I got a little drop-down menu that gave me the options to Download or Cancel. I clicked on Download.

When I went back to the main interface of the program, it was already downloading and converting the videos to MP3 format. If you want to stop this process, just click on the Stop direct recording into tracks button in blue at the top. Even when the downloading is complete, you have to click on it before doing anything else.


I then went to my Music folder (C:\Users\Terry\Music\Audials\Audials Music) and there you go– 34 Elvis songs that I’ll probably never listen to. ­čÖé

This program includes more features like recording podcasts and TV. It has a few built-in selections, mostly music and news. I tried the CNN News network but it wasn’t streaming. Al Jazeera- Live was streaming. If you click on one of these, it starts recording automatically. Just press on the blinking red record button under the video preview to stop it. Videos go into your video folder.


I don’t have a Netflix account but this program does seem to give you an option to record from it, including from Hulu, Amazon Video, Apple TV+, and so on.

Would I recommend this program? If you want to record something from Netflix or Hulu, for example, this program looks very promising. If you just download YouTube videos, this is overkill but I still like it.

If you have any experience using this program, good or bad, let us know in the comments.

3 thoughts on “How To Download YouTube Videos With Audials One”

  1. Thanks for the great instructions. I keep getting an error when trying to download HD files from youtube but will keep trying.

    By the way, Elvis was the first download choice that came to my mind as well.

    1. I was checking out this online and other than checking for updates, is suggested that Malwarebytes Ransomeware protection might be interfering. Malwarebytes Ransomeware protection is only available in the Premium version so if you have it just open Open Malwarebytes and disable the ransomware protection and see if it makes any difference.

  2. Thanks Terry. I did not think I had malewarebytes on my computer but will check. Strange though that the standard def version of the video would download without a problem.

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