How To Dock/Undock The Controller Bar In VLC

When you watch a video in VLC full screen, the controller bar is the one with the play and stop buttons on it. It is usually shown at the bottom of the video screen. It only becomes visible if you move your mouse during video playback.

Did you know you could click on that bar and drag it to anywhere on that screen? And if you have a dual monitor setup, you can play your video in full-screen mode on one monitor and drag the control bar to your second monitor. (It doesn’t stay there, though– once it fades it returns to the video.) If you want to keep it there, just keep your mouse on it so it doesn’t fade out.

But you can also lock it in place at the bottom of the screen. VLC refers to this as Docking and Undocking.

I believe it’s undocked by default. To dock it, or lock it in place at the bottom of the screen, click on the icon which is usually down by the volume control– the two-headed arrow.

To undock it, just click it again. So, click to dock and click again to undock.

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2 thoughts on “How To Dock/Undock The Controller Bar In VLC”

  1. Hi Terry,
    I’m stuck in the mids of an important project with this very problem.
    I have seen the control bar unattached to the main screen or the play list quite a few times and I was even able to drag it to another monitor.
    However do’nt understand how to do it. Just docking and undocking doesn’t work for me so far and not

    1. Terry Hollett

      A part of your question was cut off. Are you saying that your controller is undocked and you want it docked but the controls just don’t seem to be working? Try resetting the preferences first. Go to Tools then Preferences. Then towards the bottom in that window, click on the Reset Preferences button. Click OK when prompted. Restart VLC. Then try the docking options again.

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