How To Disable Automatic Bullets OpenOffice/LibreOffice

So, I might want to type a list of steps to do something. I type 1. then a paragraph title and I hit Enter to go to the next line to start typing the information in question but instead I get the number 2. which pops up automatically.

The only way to get rid of it is to hit enter again without typing anything and the cursor then goes to the next line. Also, the first line with 1. is indented and I can’t get rid of the indent without removing the 1.

This might suit me sometimes but otherwise, I find this annoying and want to disable it.


Click on Tools in the top menu, then AutoCorrect Options.

In the box that opens, click on the Options tab if not already selected, and in the list of options find the line that reads: “Apply numbering – symbol:

Uncheck the box in the “T” column and click OK.

Now when I type 1. and something else, it’s not indented and when I press enter, it just goes to the next line with no 2. unless I put it there myself.


This is automatically disabled in LibreOffice but just in case it’s not:

Go to Tools then AutoCorrect, then AutoCorrect Options.

Click on the Options tab if not already selected.

Look for the line “Bulleted and numbered lists. Bullet symbol:

Uncheck it if it’s checked. Click OK. In both cases, do the reverse if you want to turn this option back on.

OpenOffice with bullets on and with bullets off.

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3 thoughts on “How To Disable Automatic Bullets OpenOffice/LibreOffice”

  1. Martin Jensen

    Is there a simpler solution? After starting the list with #1, type the paragraph title, but don’t end it with a hard . Instead, enter a shift whenever you need to add text to the #1 item. Only use a hard when you’re ready for the #2 item on the list you’re creating.

    1. Terry Hollett

      I understand what you are saying but you still run into the same problem if you want to type more than one paragraph under a numbered heading.

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