How To Customize Timeline In Word 365

I have already shown you how to create a basic timeline in a previous post. So today, I will help you with customizing that very basic timeline. You can do this by switching out the colors for your drop-down menu, choose a spiffy new style from the SmartArt Styles area, etc.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

Use the formatting options available to you when you right-click on the timeline element you would like to change (i.e., the color of an event or arrow-shaped band), using Shape Fill and Font Color.

You can also use Drag & Drop to decrease the width of the arrow shape or move the circles higher or lower on your timeline to make them a bit closer to the descriptions that correspond with them.

Also, to make certain events stand out for your reader, you can resize them or change the shape using the options in the SmartArt Tools Format tab.

Go ahead and experiment. You have all that information and the tools available to you now!

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