How To Create Cell Phone Menu Item

I love the Apps I can install on my cell phone. They make it easy to open the applications I use on a regular basis. Then there are the sites that do not have cell phone Apps that I have to open in the browser and enter their URL or search for them every time I need to access them. 

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android you can find any page on the net you need easy access to and create a menu item on your home screen giving you one-click access. 


If you are using an iPhone, you need to use the native browser, Safari. 

Open the browser and access the page on the Internet you want quick access to. My page is cccgc.info, a non-profit I volunteer at helping people with their computer issues here in Florida. 

Click the Send To button.

Scroll to save on the home screen by clicking Add to Home Screen.

Add a title to identify it on the home screen.

There is now an icon for quick access to that page. 


Open the page in the Chrome browser, then click the menu button (three verticle dots).

Choose Add to Home screen.

Add a title to the menu item, then click Add.

There is now an icon for quick access to that page.


Adding menu items to my home screen has allowed me to get quickly to the pages I frequent. I hope it is useful for you as well.  


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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I can’t believe I never knew about it! This is why I subscribe to DCT.

    1. Richard Evans

      You are very welcome. I too get to learn new things from DCT every month.

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