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I am involved in a number of organizations/clubs and each month I need to create a flyer announcing the next meeting/event. This I do in a word processor such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word. The creation is simple and includes pictures and graphics and text. I can print them out and even save them as PDFs to upload to a website for easy viewing without resorting to HTML code. Putting them up on a Facebook page is another story. Facebook will not display a PDF or a document. It will only display an image.

In the past, I used an online converter that would take my PDF and convert it to a JPG quickly and easily. This month, I went back to that site and it would still work but for a charge. Ouch!

I did some Googling and came up with a good alternative. It is called Online2PDF.

Open the website and scroll down the page until you find Select Files. 

Locate the PDF to be converted.

Click Convert.

Click Save.

Locate the JPG file in your Downloads folder.

Note that your uploaded files are never saved. Now the JPG file can easily be posted on Facebook or emailed or sent as text. Hope this new tool for your toolbox was helpful.


4 thoughts on “How To Convert PDF To JPG”

  1. While I have found S/W that will convert a PDF into a file of JPGs, I have not found any that will convert a PDF into a Word file (at least reasonably faithfully). Even Google will not covert a PDF created by Word solely containing text and JPGs into a reasonable Word Doc file. I have tried numerous programs and all have left me with more work to do than if I manual used “drag and drop” to copy the PDF into a Word Doc. That includes “paid” S/W that lets you try a few pages on a trial basis.

    So if you know of a program that will convert any PDF file into a Word file with the same layout as the PDF, it would be appreciated (free or otherwise – if paid, then one with a free trial of a few pages so it can be verified).


    P.S. I already subscribe to tthis N/L, so why do I get pop-ups nagging me to subscribe.

  2. If that PDF – to – JPG website ever goes down, look into Irfanview. For almost two decades now it’s been my default JPG viewer. And more than view: lets us crop, resize, etc.

    Curious, now I’m wondering if it would convert PDF to JPG. Sure enough.

    Great program.

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