How To Connect Remotely With TeamViewer

I did something yesterday that I never did before in all my years of fixing computers– I connected to a computer to fix it remotely. A guy whose computer I was trying to fix asked me to do it.

Even though I have never used it, I was going to use Windows built in Remote Desktop Connection, but instead decided to use TeamViewer. I’ve had this installed for a while now, and used it once to test it out by accessing another computer on my network.

I think TeamViewer makes it easier and more straight-forward for customers to connect.

Of course, you need it installed on your computer, as well. Run it and you’ll see Your ID and Password. This is what you would give someone if you wanted them to control your system.

To get control of their system you need to look at the Control Remote Computer area and type in their Partner ID, the ID number that is showing on their version. Then, click on Connect to partner button. Put in their password and it’s that simple.

You should now be looking at their screen and controlling it remotely.

When finished, there is a bar across the top. Just find and click on the option to End Session.

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7 thoughts on “How To Connect Remotely With TeamViewer”

  1. Peter Thompson

    I’ll always recommend TeamViewer. I used to run a non profit online radio station and had many presenters having issues setting up their software. I tried other remote software before TeamViewer but often had issues, often unable to connect. TeamViewer has always worked easily for me. It doesn’t really require much if any setup on any end which is why I always recommend it. The people often needing help remotely are people who may not be able to set something up properly, but it’s not something I’ve ever found an issue with teamviewer.

  2. I have been using Team Viewer for years,, I am a self taught tech and I like to help others, most of the people I help are Seniors. Since I can’t easily get around, it’s not viable for me to go to their home to help, so Team Viewer is a great tool for me.

  3. TeamViewer is a great resource. I use it whenever I get a call from my 90 y.o. mother to help her on her laptop. I also use it to connect locally to a laptop that I use to run some legacy 16 bit home automation programs as well as to a PC in my other home when away.

  4. Robert Taylor

    Yes, Teamviewer is a solid piece of software and I use it frequently.

    The first time I saw it in action was when I worked at the newspaper and a tech came in to work on one of our direct-to-plate Kodak machines, he needed additional tech help and used Teamviewer to have his superior navigate his software issue. At home later that night I was using Teamviewer and never looked back.

  5. I too vote for Teamviewer. Been using it for years also to assist seniors and others around North America and even as far away as Korea. Great program.

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