How To Change PlayStation 4 Avatar

I am a big gamer. I know this because I own almost every console system made since the early 80’s. Yes, I still play these older systems. Combined with being a tech writer, gaming drives me to write How-To articles to help the gamer, especially if it can help in customizing your gaming experience. With the newer consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, they allow you to customize some of the features. One of the features I want to go over with you is the Avatar. When gaming, you need to show your personality any way you can and with the right avatar, you can do that. I always like to say, if you can customize it then do it. So, I guess it is time for all of us to learn how we can show some attitude with our Avatar.

How To Change PlayStation 4 Avatar

Step 1: Log in to your PS4 account profile. Once logged in, head to the top menu of your PS4 home screen. Move to the right and choose the Profile link (happy face icon, or other profile image).

Step 2: On your profile page move over to the three horizontal dots. This is beside Set Online Status at the top. Select it.

Step 3: This will bring up a drop-down menu. From the menu, select Edit Profile.

Step 4: On this screen you will see the Edit Profile menu. Here you will want to  choose the Avatar option. Select it.

Step 5: Here is the screen where you can choose what you want your Avatar to look like. They give you many options to choose from, as you can see. You can look by category, or ALL at once.

Bonus: You are able to pick premium Avatars which you have to pay for. If you don’t find one in the free list, then this is an option for you. In this article we are choosing one of the free ones.

Step 6: Once you find the one you like, Select it. We are choosing the military vehicle. Yes, my son is helping to choose for this article.

Step 7: After selecting the one you like, it will take you to the Confirmation screen. All you need to do now is hit Confirm. DONE

Your new Avatar will now show.

Time to get out there and add your personalty to your PS4 profile.

Which Avatar do you use on your account?

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