2 thoughts on “How To Change Automatic Payment Method On eBay”

  1. William L White

    Keeping a card on file with major sites is a great way to get your card hacked.

    1. Hi William,

      That is true to a point. I agree you should never keep a checking or debit card on there. But a credit card is a good option if you are using eBay often for selling and buying. Even if you do not save a card on a big site you can have it stolen by using it once online, (or even locally in town!). Using PayPal or even a credit card is a good option since it is usually not coming from your checking account and therefore allows time between charging and payment date. If it is on a credit card at least you can dispute the charge without it hurting your bank account.Like I always say, You should allows keep an eye on your accounts no matter where you shop.

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