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A man brought me a cassette tape to transfer to a CD. I wrote about how to do this before. Read:
Copy Compact Cassette To Computer Audacity

I ran through my procedure only to discover the final recording volume was very low. I tried to boost it with Audacity but still didn’t make much of a difference.

Read the procedure here: How To Increase MP3 Volume In Audacity

So I went online to find a solution and came across this site: Volume Booster

It’s pretty simple to use. Just click on Choose File and find the file on your hard drive. Then choose the loudness level. I clicked it on High. Then click on Boost Volume.

You’ll see a progress bar appear and when it’s done it will switch to another page with a Download button. Click on it and save it on your hard drive.

Did it work? Yes and no. It boosted the volume but that also boosted some crackling in the songs. Bit annoying. Your results will vary depending on your source material. I was recording from some very old cassette tapes.

I used the same GE model no. 3-54738, AM/FM stereo radio cassette player as in my previous post. I decided to record the entire thing over again using a different recorder. I also have a Sony Walkman and a yellow Sony Sports Walkman. I used the yellow one.

This time the sound came out a lot better than in the first recording. Still, this site will probably suit your needs.

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  1. Hi Terry. Ashampoo products, which deal in music files, like converting, add a facility for volume control. There was another product I used years ago that also increased the volume without any added distortion. I also use the converter programs to adjust the songs to the same volume level, preventing one song sounding higher. But it has been several years from this sort of playing around with my music collection, Mindblower!

  2. Try mp3DirectCut ( a freeware lossless mp3 editor that allows you to quickly implement a change in volume by a Gain adjustment without any re-encoding.

    In the Manual, look under the “Audio Editing” section for the “Volume Changes: heading.

  3. Bharat Bhardwaj

    This is mindblowing. Too good & easy to use. Thank you for this one!

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