4 thoughts on “How To Adjust Screen Timeout On Samsung”

  1. Simon Witter

    Very helpful. I’ve not had that problem, but just had a quick look out of curiosity and it seems my Samsung S23 is set by default to 10 minutes. I’ve changed it to 5.

    1. Hi Simon,
      Glad that the article helped you. 10 minutes seems to be a little long glad you looked and fixed it. I checked it on another Samsung and it was set 5 minutes. Not sure why that is different on each phone. As long as you know how to change it then it shouldn’t matter. 🙂

    1. Hi Michaeleen,

      That is what they call a Proximity sensor which turns off your screen when on a call. This is to keep you from bumping a button on accident. Some phones have a option to keep the screen on. This works on some Samsung Galaxy phones that can let you leave the screen on all the time. You would need to go to the lock screen settings on your phone. If you are lucky you will see the option called Always On Display. Tap the on switch and see if that works. Might need to research this for an article. 🙂

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