HiBit Uninstaller Freeware Review

HiBit Uninstaller is completely free with a portable edition available and lots of nice tools included.

I think everyone would be aware by now that the native Windows uninstall feature is not the best. I’ve always used a third-party uninstaller myself, either Geek Uninstaller (free edition) or Revo Uninstaller (free edition), but some months back I came across HiBit Uninstaller and have been so impressed it has quickly become my uninstaller of choice.

HiBit Uninstaller Download And Usage

HiBit Uninstaller is completely free, there is no premium (paid for) edition, so no limitations or missing features. There are two editions available for download: an installable edition plus a portable edition. As always, I opted for portable. The download consists of a 3.66 MB ZIP folder extracting to 9.22 MB. Simply extract the contents of the folder and then double-click the extracted executable to run the software. The executable scans 100% clean through Virus Total.

Right-click any item in the list of installed software to reveal an options menu:

If you want to uninstall multiple programs, place a checkmark in the adjacent box for each title and then click the Uninstall Selected button at the bottom right of the interface:

At completion of the uninstall, you’ll be presented with two options for cleaning up any leftover bits and pieces:

I usually opt for Advanced Scan myself so I can check through the list of items marked for deletion:

Once you are satisfied click Finish and you’re all done.

HiBit Uninstaller Main Features

  • Fully uninstall programs without leftovers
  •  Forced Uninstall removes any stubborn software
  •  Remove multiple programs at once
  •  Monitoring installation of programs
  •  Program quick search function
  •  Uninstall Windows Store apps
  •  Remove browsers’ extensions
  •  Automatic update to the latest version

HiBit Uninstaller Tools

I mentioned in the intro about the very good range of nice tools that come with HiBit Uninstaller which include: installation monitoring, a registry cleaner, junk files cleaner, file shredder, startup manager, system restore manager, and more:

You’ve more than likely read that cleaning the registry does not improve performance and can be quite risky. While I agree with that point of view to an extent, there are certain leftover registry items that can cause issues, such as when uninstalling antivirus software or software where file associations are involved, for example. HiBit registry cleaner automatically stores all deleted registry items, on a per session basis, and includes a Restore feature for each. I like and appreciate that safety-first approach.


I’ve found HiBit Uninstaller to be very effective at completely uninstalling software and the included tools are a real bonus. How the developer has managed to include so much in such a small package is quite remarkable. Do I recommend HiBit Uninstaller? You bet I do. I do not believe there is a better or more effective free uninstaller available.

7 thoughts on “HiBit Uninstaller Freeware Review”

  1. Barbara Durham

    Thank you for this recommendation. Hopefully, I didn’t delete something I wasn’t supposed to.

  2. Hi Jim
    Wonderful article. Enjoyed and checked his website. It’s one-man developer Mr M Raee from Iran.
    Without sounding altra for alternate (ie leftist, rightist, liberal or whatever) have you checked the program authenticity. Many programs nowadays, and in particular from China, are dubious and collecting information. Eg CCleaner was/is notorious for ET call home!
    Also have you looked at his other two programs, HiBit Startup Manager and HiBit System Information. They look awesome!

    1. Hey Kie… I’m back!

      Not sure what you mean by “authenticity” but I always scan every executable both online through Virus Total and locally through MBAM, and Hibit Uninstaller scans 100% clean. Furthermore, this is a portable version so the chances of any devious goings on are fairly remote.

      I did check out Hibit Startup Manager and it is okay but really not much more than is available natively via Task Manager. I have not checked out Hibit System Information, mainly because there are a lot of very good system information tools available: https://davescomputertips.com/best-free-system-information-tools-2020/

  3. FYI, one vendor at VirusTotal classified HiBit as ‘malicious’ – most likely a false positive?

    1. Yep, definitely a false positive. When a file is given the okay by 65 antivirus engines and only one antivirus is flagging it (and an unknown antivirus at that), that is 100% a false positive.

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