Happy Holidays 2022!


2022 has been a difficult year.

In late 2021, Facebook blocked us from posting links to our articles. We have taken a big hit from this action. Communicating with humans at Facebook is nigh on impossible. (They like their robots.) We hope to resolve this situation, one way or the other, early next year.

It takes a lot of cash to run a respectable website these days. I am sure many of you have noticed an increase in the number of ads on our pages. In an effort to keep DCT a free source of quality information, this has been necessary. Advertising is our only source of income and ad blockers are our great nemesis. Readers do not have to click on ads for them to help us. You only have to see them. Please whitelist us in your ad blockers if you find our site useful. Sorry, but this simple reminder needs to be iterated once in a while.

With the help of our dear Aussie friend and long-time DCT contributor, Jim Hillier, we run the giveaway contests every two weeks or so. Well, I need a break. We will start running contests again in January 2023 sometime.

To all those readers who have been supportive over the years, please accept a big thank you. And to all you newcomers out there, we hope you will find our articles useful and keep coming back for more.

From everyone at Dave’s Computer Tips, have a safe and happy holiday season,

Richard and DCT

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10 thoughts on “Happy Holidays 2022!”

  1. Yes, it is bad to get links or comments blocked. But that is exactly what Jim did to me. My comments were not rude or demeaning. So why is it OK for you but not for Facebook?

    1. Hi Brian,
      It is not for me to second guess Jim’s decisions regarding comments on his articles. You will have to discuss that with him.

      Comparing Facebook with us is apples to oranges. We are humans with all the frailties that come with it. Facebook’s decisions are guided by mindless robots that have no sense of subjective reactions. With them, there is no possibility of discussion. And therein lies the difference.

      Have a safe and happy holiday season,

      1. But this is exactly what happened to me. There was no discussion at all. I can’t understand if I don’t know why in the first place. So, if there is no discussion or reply it is exactly the same to me as Facebook is to you. Thats all. If I can’t discuss it with Jim at all then is that not the same? It’s all I ask.
        With them, there is no possibility of discussion.
        Have a Merry Christmas! Enjoy! Love your site!

        1. Hi Brian,

          Would you mind if I sent you email? That would be a more appropriate venue for this,

  2. I used the alternate action – Donate by Paypal – If I ever find out how my add blocker works I’ll do the turn off as well. Last time I tried it went on strike everywhere until I deleted and re-installed.
    It’s not much but the UK is a disaster area at the moment financially.
    Thank you for all the info in the past year.
    Have a very happy Christmas and a less financially worrying New Year.

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