Google Removes ‘Slavery Simulator’ Game

Yes, you read that correctly. Some genius actually thought it was a good idea to launch a game where players could buy, sell and torture slaves. In 2023 no less.

Trade your slaves, buy and sell them. Extract profit from their work, prevent rebellions and escapes.

It’s said that truth is often stranger than fiction and in this case, that’s certainly true. Surely it cannot have escaped the attention of the Brazilian developers, Magnus Games, that in recent years the issue of slavery has been at the forefront of serious discussion, with many governments, corporations, royal families, and entire countries being urged to apologise for their slavery links. Or perhaps Magnus Games was simply capitalising on the trend. Who knows?

excellent to pass the time but lacking more torture options…

A user.

The mobile game, Slavery Simulator (Simulador de Escravidão) was launched on Google Play on 20th April and downloaded over 1000 times with a 4.5 out of 5 rating, so it begs the question as to why it took Google so long to remove the game, or even to approve its inclusion in the shopfront in the first place. We all know that mistakes happen, but when you bear in mind that YouTube copyright infringements are flagged in a microsecond, it makes a mockery of Google’s standards, quite frankly.

Anyone who believes they have found an app that violates our rules can file a report. When we identify a policy violation, we take appropriate action.


One is left with the impression that humans do not review games before they are published on Google Play and are only flagged when a customer reports a policy violation. Bearing in mind that in 1822, nearly half the 3.5 million population of Brazil were slaves brought over from Africa, I’m left wondering why anyone would even wish to re-enact such a grisly scenario. It’s a shocking statistic and brings to mind the riots of recent years where statues of slave traders were torn down and restitution is still being sought by communities whose ancestors were slaves.

It seems that Brazilian developer, Magnus Games, specialises in simulator games and during my research into this episode, the company no longer has a presence on Google Play, no proprietary website can be found and surprisingly, no social media footprint appears to be available. Or perhaps they have scurried off to some dark corner of their cave to rethink their strategy for the real world. I know I would.

1 thought on “Google Removes ‘Slavery Simulator’ Game”

  1. Robert Hagedorn

    This sounds like a sick thing a leftist would do in an effort to push their new secular religion that has come to be known as woke and to make conservatives look evil, as they are not woke. Google took the right action. And no, conservatives do not support slavery. The fact that a lot of people would enjoy playing this “game” is indicative of the world in which we live and obviously demonstrates true racism in its worst form, as opposed to the political variety. (BTW, white people represent the largest group of former slaves, conquered and enslaved by Muslims during the Middle Ages.) I only hope this news does not go viral, as the news will do much harm and no good, since no one will ask “why,” but will just get in touch with their emotions and feelings. The whole thing is so sick.

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