Freeware Game of the Week: Sunny Mini Golf Pro

Sunny Mini Golf Pro is a very good 3D mini golf game packaged into a very small download… just 3.2 MB.

Sunny Mini Golf Pro – Download & Installation

Download is a 3.2 MB executable which is flagged by one of 55 antivirus engines through Virus Total. Seeing how 54 antivirus engines give the file a clean bill of health I believe it’s safe to assume that the one flag is a false positive. To be doubly sure, I scanned the file locally through Avira and Malwarebytes, both came back 100% clean.

Installation is straight forward with no sign of bundling or unwanted extras (although, I would prefer if a portable version was available).

Sunny Mini Golf Pro – Details

Review courtesy of MajorGeeks:

While not a big fan of golf I am a huge fan of mini golf. I also love a good mini golf game but they tend to be far and few between. Here we have what I consider to be one of the better PC mini golf games out there. It’s totally free and offers 4 different modes of play including Championship with 18 holes as well as classic, twisted and mixed, all offering 9 holes. The graphics are really nice and the courses are well designed. The one difficult thing to adjust to is the strength of the putting. Even at the hardest strength, the ball does not go too far. While some games tend to be overly sensitive here, this game goes in the other direction. In other words you can’t hit the ball as hard as you would like.

Once you’re done playing the 45 holes that come with the game you can go into the level editor and design your own courses. That’s pretty awesome. So, if you hate the included courses you really can’t complain because you can always design a better course yourself, right? Game is totally free however it will leave 2 icons on your desktop to game download sites. These can simply be deleted. ~ Credit MajorGeeks

Requirements (as per developer):

  • Windows 95/98/XP/ME/Vista/7
  • Processor 800 Mhz or better
  • RAM: minimum 1024Mb
  • DirectX 9.0 or higher
  • DirectX compatible sound board

**GameTop, who host this game, have a lot of free games available in a variety of categories. The site is rated Green by both WOT and PC Tools Browser Defender so appears to be safe and reputable. Well worth a look around:


2 thoughts on “Freeware Game of the Week: Sunny Mini Golf Pro”

  1. Stephen Currill

    Sunny Mini Golf Pro caused problems on win 8.1. with screen resolution. not sure if I will be able to completely remove from PC!

    1. Stephen, lots of games change the screen resolution when they load, it’s no big deal. If screen resolution isn’t changing back to default automatically, simply right click on the desktop, select “Screen Resolution”, and then change the setting back to optimum (recommended).

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