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Hey, we all love free stuff – am I right – and DCT has been known to post the occasional software giveaway for our readers often with good response. Unfortunately we’ve been reluctant to post too many for fear of cluttering up the newsletter or that the giveaway would end before the newsletter was sent leaving some out. Do we send outdated information or have readers miss out – what a conundrum!

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends

Beginning today you’ll be able to visit our Daily Giveaway page every single day where a new and different piece of software will be given away each day! That’s right, folks, shiny new software for your computer free for the taking. What’s not to like about that?

It’s pretty good stuff too – as I’m writing this Friday afternoon we’re giving away Roboform Everywhere, which is one of my personal favorites!

What you need to know

  1. Visit the DCT Daily Giveaway page each day by clicking Daily Giveaway in the menu at the top of every page.
  2. New software will be presented each day.
  3. Most software is completely free and at an extreme discount if not.
  4. Provide your email address and we’ll send you registration and download instructions.
  5. Repeat daily for new software and a warm fuzzy feeling while basking in the knowledge that you are a software kingpin.

Disclaimer: DCT is not responsible if you fill up your hard drive with software. If you suffer from SHD (Software Hoarding Disorder) please seek help from the mental health experts at SHA (Software Hoarders Anonymous) where the motto is, “I’m not a hoarder. I really need all these programs!” Offer not valid outside the Milky Way, underwater, or to spiders – I hate spiders.


14 thoughts on “Free software – Get ’em While They’re Hot Folks”

  1. Nice idea that doesn’t work so far. I’ve tried two different email addresses and nothing after 12 hours. Would be a good idea to test before advertising something you can’t deliver.

  2. Right you are Sir David. I tried it and the link went into my Junk Folder. Now future links will arrive safely in the Inbox. Not that I doubted you, just proving you’re right (and you do test things out), Mindblower! 🙂

  3. Thanks Dave,

    It worked OK for me, but, patience is required when waiting for the email link, then more patience waiting for the User and Licence Codes.

    “Daily Giveaway”, a nice addition to an already top-class site, much appreciated……;-)


  4. Peter Thompson

    Great bit of news. Just wondering though – is there a limit e.g. free for so long once installed/Will an update require payment etc.

    1. Software must be activated within 30 days.
      These are lifetime licenses.
      Updates are not provided.
      Tech support is not provided.
      You are not locked into one installation – meaning you can reinstall/activate again (if you reinstall Windows for example).

  5. Can you guys provide an RSS feed that is solely for the Giveaway?
    I mean, I was RSS’ing SharewareOnSale, but I would mostly likely prefer it here.

    My arachnophobia thanks you, as well. XD

    1. I also was hoping if you guys can make a “commenting” system that allows us to get an e-mail about a reply to us, instead of hunting/stalking topics to see if we get replied to.
      RSS feed is universal to every reply, and sometimes I’m not interested in the flood of comments.

      1. Peter Thompson

        Yeah I would like that to. I often comment on stuff and have to come back to see if I’ve had a reply

        1. I haven’t figured out a reliable way to provide a separate RSS feed yet, but there now should be an option on every post that will allow you to subscribe to new comment notifications for that post!

  6. This Daily Giveaway is allowing me to discover some very interesting software. Thanks DCT, Mindblower!

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