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Internet upload & download file sizes
11 Posts
April 24, 2009 - 10:56 am

I am thinking of subscribing to an Verizon air card account, using an air card compatable modem, and eliminating 3 DSL accounts at 3 different locations. They have a 5 gig limit then you pay $0.25/ meg over that limit. How can I estimate or monitor our (mine + spouse) useage to see if we can normally stay under their limit?

Jim Hillier
2700 Posts
April 24, 2009 - 4:26 pm

Hi - Doesn't your current ISP have all that information (for past months) in your account records? All our ISP's here (in Oz) keep a record of monthly usage, all the user has to do is log on to the site, access their account and then look at the records to see what the monthly usage has been.

Now, if that is not the case for you there are some very good free usage monitors available....have a look here: ... -meter.htm

A couple of suggestions. The 'over the limit' charges can work out pretty expensive if you are not careful, whereas there is comparatively little difference between plans. It is often better/cheaper to invest in a plan which allows for a bit of leeway...e.g. If your average usage generally hovers around say 4.5gigs and there are plans available for 5gigs and say 7gigs, I would suggest taking the latter... a few dollars more per month could work out cheaper in the long run. That is, of course, provided you have that choice.

Also, you do not mention whether or not any 'upload' component is included in the 5gigs....if you are unsure, check with Verizon first.

hope that helps,

Montreal, Canada
666 Posts
April 24, 2009 - 6:24 pm

5 gig may seem like a lot, but it's NOT. If you send or receive file attachments, you'll eat through 5 gig in no time. It really depends what you use the computer for, but the more you use, the sooner before you're grow into a computer hog, Mindblower!

"For the needy, not the greedy"

David Hartsock
1117 Posts
April 24, 2009 - 11:57 pm

Mindblower is right on target. 5GB isn't much at all when you have multiple people using it.

I would look at all the possible solutions. If 1 or 2 of the locations are more of a convenience you might look into lowering bandwidth at those locations, say from a 5MB connection to a 1.5MB, and leaving the primary as is. Also some cable companies offer deals for the first 12 months. I know Comcast had a $20/month deal going for a while. I believe the aircards run $50/month. If you're on the go and it's a necessity then you are stuck with the fee, limit, and overage charges - that's why they've got you over a barrel. Otherwise, I think you'll be able to find some cheaper alternatives!

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