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FireFox 3.0.10 Crashes
May 14, 2009 - 1:42 pm
Member Since: April 8, 2009
Forum Posts: 16

Hi everyone.
Well when we were automatically updated to 3.0.10, I did not give it much of thought. Besides, if I recall correctly, they did this because there was vulnerability in version active.

Unfortunately, this latest update has reintroduced us to the days of numerous FireFox crashes in the 2.xx.xx versions. I am currently experiencing, on average, 3 to 4 crashes per day.

Trying to be a good little foxette', I visited the support form and much to my surprise ((NOT)), there was Forum Thread open with messages from several folks about multiple Browser crash-n-burn. Some of the folks indicated double the instances per day that I am experiencing.

Of course, as is their way of doing things, no one from FireFox Central, or what-ever, has responded.
Several of this folks have indicated that they gone back us using Safari until FireFox fixes the problem.

Myself, finds me now bouncing back and forth between the FF 3.0.10 Crasher' and IE8. Gee, IE8 is rock solid with regard to crashes. That has been my experience. And, much to my surprise, IE is Faster than FF, as in not hogging high amounts of CPU Cycles and RAM.

Until the completed IE8 came out, I had to admit that FireFox ruled the day. In my opinion, that is no longer the case.
Ya' All Take Care, Ya' Hear! twospirit

David Hartsock
May 14, 2009 - 9:52 pm
Member Since: August 7, 2011
Forum Posts: 1117


Don't be so quick to judge. While some are experiencing crashes with the latest version, most are not. The most recent update was for security reasons, though I haven't delved into what exactly was changed. Mozilla is quick to update firefox, so be patient.

Just to be on the safe side, you may want to try running Firefox in safe mode. This will disable all extensions and themes. If the problem goes away it is more than likely an extension that doesn't work well with the new version.

May 17, 2009 - 12:31 am
Member Since: April 8, 2009
Forum Posts: 16

Thank you for your advice an as you suggested I rebooted FireFox in the Safe Mode.

I continued to use the Browser in the Safe Mode for nearly 14 hours. During that 14 hours (+- hour) I experienced 5 Browser freeze ups'. The results.... I may have found what might be causing the problem.

Much to my surprise, I noticed this always occurred when I was very busy using the Bookmark Tool Bar which I use heavily. In fact, it seemed this was the same situation that I have been experiencing since the auto update to 3.0.10.

Today I rebooted into FireFox full mode. I have noted 3 browser freeze ups' and all occurred while I was very busy using the Bookmark Toolbar. I find this to perplexing as the Bookmark Toolbar is a hardened part of the browser. That is, the Bookmark Toolbar is not an extension or a Theme. Is that correct?
The results of my experiment have left me baffled.

One positive result of running in Safe Mode was that my CPU Cyclyes and RAM usage dropped. I of course expected that. The only negative to these results is that I currently have one theme and 14 extensions active. I reckon I need to eliminate some extensions.

Thus, unless what I have observed with this experiment is faulty in some way, it appears that version 3.0.10 may have a compatibility issue with an internal operation which is part of the Browser, being the Bookmark Toolbar.

As I write this note, I have monitored my CPU Cycles and my RAM usage. The Average CPU use for Firefox is 70 to 93 % of my 3.xx g Hz Processor and an average of 1220 to 1305 megs of my available 2046 megs.

Ya' Take CAre, Ya' Hear! twospirit

Montreal, Canada
May 17, 2009 - 2:20 pm
Member Since: September 17, 2008
Forum Posts: 666

Adding my 2 cents here, I've NEVER had (experienced a CRASH) with any browser (and I tried/used about 10).

Just because a problem resulted when one was using the browser, does no mean the browser is at fault.

I am experiencing a silly fault of the computer shutting down (ever so often) without a clue as to WHY, other than it happens when I'm d/l torrent files. Are the two related? Is this an overheating problem? I can list other possible questions, but I decide to accept the fact that problems do occur, sometimes without giving a reason, Mindblower!

"For the needy, not the greedy"

Chad Johnson
May 17, 2009 - 2:50 pm
Member Since: August 11, 2011
Forum Posts: 867

i've had firefox randomly crashing for me. i'll be using it, then it will just stop, quit, and tell me that it crashed.

i can restore my session and everything works as expected.


Jim Hillier
May 17, 2009 - 5:48 pm
Member Since: August 9, 2011
Forum Posts: 2705

[b:1fceu82b][i:1fceu82b]"I am experiencing a silly fault of the computer shutting down (ever so often)"[/i:1fceu82b] [/b:1fceu82b]

Hi Mindblower - A computer randomly shutting down is a difficult fault to pinpoint exactly. It is generally hardware related and one of the most common causes [i:1fceu82b]is[/i:1fceu82b] overheating (as you suspected). Other most likely culprits are PSU (power supply unit) or faulty RAM. Worse case scenario is a faulty motherboard.
Diagnosis is often best done by process of elimination; make sure there is not an accumulation of dust inside the tower and that any fans are working properly. Swap out the PSU with one known to be in good working order or, aternatively, have the PSU tested. Remove the RAM sticks and then reseat them back in the slots (sounds silly but sometimes that works). The RAM can also be checked using the freeware 'MemTest'.

Of course, it could be something else altogether but those are the most usual causes and simplest remedies/checks.

cheers mate.....JIM

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