Fixing Stuck Key Razer Blackwidow Te Chroma v2

A nephew, who is into gaming, spilled some wine on his Razer Blackwidow Te Chroma v2 keyboard. They cleaned out the keys, but then it seemed like the “A” key got stuck. It wasn’t sticky or anything, it’s just that when I plugged it into my computer and opened up notepad it just automatically started typing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… All the other keys seemed to work OK.

So I went online. One suggestion was a firmware update, but the update available wasn’t for this model. I really didn’t want to fool around with it anyway. A failed firmware update could have bricked the entire keyboard.

Another suggestion was to disassemble the keyboard, but when I saw the instructions for doing so… let’s just say I don’t have a degree in Rocket Science yet. 🙂

A third option said that he might have accidentally recorded a macro (this is where you can record a series of keystrokes to one key). So what I did was press on the Fn key then F9 (it has a small “m” symbol on it). The F9 key started blinking. Then I pressed Esc. This seems to have worked. Either that or the keyboard was drunk with the wine and just sobered up. 🙂


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