‘Find’ and ‘Find Next’ Quickly in MS Word

As you know, you can use the Find and Replace tool in MS Word to look for and find just about anything in your documents. But why do it the long way??? Besides, that pesky dialog box very often gets in the way!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not want to waste time or keystrokes when working on my Word documents.

Follow the steps below to accomplish this task quickly and easily:

  1. Click on CTRL + F.
  2. Key in what you are looking for and hit Enter.
  3. Once the first occurrence is displayed, click Cancel or your Escape key.
  4. To find the next occurrence, click Shift + F4.

Using the above method works just the same as repeatedly clicking Find Next but it saves you from having that pesky dialog box in your way.

In version 2010, there is no dialog box that appears unless you are using the advanced Find and Replace. Rather, what you are searching and the found instances of it will be displayed at the left-hand side of your document.  The Shift + F4 shortcut is easier because it works without the Find Pane!

2 thoughts on “‘Find’ and ‘Find Next’ Quickly in MS Word”

  1. Enjoyed your article.
    Perhaps you can help me with a question.
    I recently upgraded from Word using extensions .doc to a Word using
    extensions .docx.
    Now all the papers I have written are a mixture of extensions.
    Is there an easy way that I change all the .doc documents to docx extensions?
    Thank you.

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