File Explorer With Tabs Windows 11 And 10

File Explorer With Tabs Windows 11

Windows has already announced they will be releasing File Explorer with a Tabs feature in an upcoming build as soon as next month. It is available to test with builds later than 22572. A tab feature is something that Windows users have been begging to include in File Explorer for years, but Microsoft (MS) has dragged its feet since XP.

If you are one of those users who find tabs to be a fantastic addition (think how you use tabs in your browser every day) this latest version will be a blessing.

Commander Series

However, you never really had to wait. Using the code from Norton Commander, Free Commander and Double Commander were developed and have been around for a long time. They not only offered tabs but a host of other features like file or folder comparisons, duplicate searches, and much more and are downloadable from the Windows store.

Explorer ++ is another great option that uses tabs in a much more effective way and is worth downloading like the Commander series for comparisons if nothing else.

I used these free versions as an alternative to Windows File Explorer in the past and still do on my laptop but with multiple monitors, it made opening additional windows less of a problem.

File Explorer With Tabs Windows 10

Instead of talking about the new Windows 11 file manager with tabs, which is not yet available, I wanted to tell you about a great file manager that brings Windows 11 features into Windows 10 and runs on both. Even if you are not a fan of migrating from version 10 to 11, this program is worth every “Free” Penny it costs. Having used Windows 11 for a while I am surprised at how sophisticated this small piece of software is. Here are the reasons to try it.

Files App

(authored by Yair A)

This link will open the Windows Store for “Files App”. It should be the first App that appears but just look for the nifty File Folder Icon with a blue wave on the bottom. Open the App and stand back – it is brilliant!

Setting It Up

Like any new toy, adjustments need to be made. But I found them very intuitive, making them easy to set.


Like Windows, it has a remarkably similar “Gear” icon in the upper right corner to open Settings. Clicking on Settings opens a smooth layout with simple, well-defined choices.


  1. Choose your Color – Personally, I like the way the light and dark selections affect the entire color choices in the next selection “Custom themes”. In most Microsoft Windows settings, the Light/Dark settings make your screen White or Dark.  There are more choices if you fool around with the settings but that is what I mean about the intuitive functions in the Files App.  It is easy to understand.
  2. Custom Themes – There are currently 13 custom color themes but each one is affected by the choice you make in your previous selection. So, if you choose the Burgundy theme, you can have it appear Light or Dark.

Fully Loaded Options

  1. Tab with a click and open folder in a new tab option
  2. Windows 11 style tools for Windows 10
  3. Drives laid out in modern style
  4. Windows 10 Start menu style bundles lets you organize your tasks and can be added to several windows
  5. Add or remove widgets

Multitasking No Problem

  1. Dual Windows
  2. Open tabs in the first or second window
  3. Navigate tabs without opening more windows
  4. Intuitive user settings
  5. Experimental Options


There are more things to talk about but trying it will help you understand it better than I can explain. I did try the experimental options and found them to make the mouse a little glitchy but with no major problems.  If you are running Windows 10, don’t wait.

Do you use alternative file managers? If so, let us know in the comments.

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  1. Elliott W. Carmack

    I have been using ZabKat Xplorer² for many years. I started using the freemium version but eventually upgraded to the Pro version a few years ago (they also have an Ultimate version). One license make the Pro version usable on multiple computers by the same owner/user/location (I use it at home on my desktop and laptop computers.) It’s certainly worth checking out (download at

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