FastStone Image Viewer – A Mini Tour

Here is a video from our DCT YouTube Channel archive which explains how to use the excellent FastStone Image Viewer Freeware. The problem with resurrecting this type of archived material is that the information is often out-of-date. However, even though this video was created in 2013, FastStone and its features have remained pretty much exactly the same, so this particular video remains relevant today.

Since those early days, Jason has taken charge of the DCT YouTube Channel and is doing a fantastic job with his excellent presentations so make sure to check them out.


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3 thoughts on “FastStone Image Viewer – A Mini Tour”

    1. Hi Colin,

      Thank you mate, and you are most welcome.

      I am a pure amateur at this video lark. All I have is myself and a microphone, nobody else around but, for some reason, I’m always as nervous as a kitten. Go figure. 🙂

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