Facebook: Temporarily Blocked Because You’re Going Too Fast

Yesterday I had a guy bring me his computer because he had an issue with Facebook. He was getting a message that “A feature was temporarily blocked because he was using it too fast”.

He could only scroll down through a few posts on his wall and he would get a popup message claiming “It looks like you were misusing this feature by going too fast.” Was he scrolling down through his post too fast? If you are going to block an account, Facebook, at least give a more detailed message on what was actually done wrong.

Even with the block, he still had some limited use of the site, like Messenger. In this case, I could scroll down through a few posts until he got to an error message claiming that something went wrong, click on the reload/refresh page button, which only brought up the blocked feature message.

A number of people have had this happen to them according to an online search. Apparently, any activities done repeatedly in quick succession get flagged. Facebook AI thinks you are a spammer or a robot. Because a robot is trying to determine if you are human or not.

Other people online seem to have had the same issue. Sometimes the block lasts a few hours, sometimes a couple of days. There is a feedback option but it’s hard to defend yourself when you don’t know what you did. I just left the message, “I don’t know what I did.”

Luckily the block is gone this morning. I can’t tell the owner not what to do because neither one of us knows what he did wrong. Thank You, Facebook.

I was going to take screenshots this morning but the problem seems to have been cleared up. If you get this blocked account message, click on any button or option that allows appealing the decision, but otherwise there is nothing else you can do but wait until Facebook unblocks you.

I know Daves Computer Tips is still dealing with its Facebook issues. So have you been blocked, banned, or locked out from Facebook? Let us know your experiences in the comments.

121 thoughts on “Facebook: Temporarily Blocked Because You’re Going Too Fast”

  1. Yet another example of Facebook’s utter disdain for any kind of human intervention, with DCT still being blocked by their irrational robots.

    1. I simply avoid FB altogether by going directly to the website.
      What is the harm in that and why don’t people do it all the time?
      Why put more and more layers between you and what you are reading?

      1. I haven’t even logged in for 2 years, but a hdd crash led me to need some photos I had uploaded to fb, so I was going to log in long enough to download data, but after 2 years forgot my pw. I clicked forgot pw, entered my phone # and immediately got the “going too fast message”. I only did it ONCE!

        1. Same, Amanda. Just once and got blocked. No idea how long the block is for either. Ridiculous.

        2. I am facing the same issue. Did you find a solution. please share if you did.

    2. Jerry Leslie

      Thanks for your post!! Now I know I’m no the only person of Facebooks unpublished speed limits.

      I use my Windows 10 laptop for email, Facebook, and banking.

      The only apps I’ve added to my Android phone are:
      * the Xfinity app so I could see why my Xfinity service is down
      * a Garmin app that allows pairing of my phone to my GPS
      * PushBullet that allows me to use my laptop for text messages.

    1. That’s great, but some of us are bloggers and business owners that use Facebook to promote our businesses.

  2. I have that same issue with Messenger itself on a website I visit regularly.
    If I reply too quickly or scroll back through previous messages too fast it adds a pause when I try to continue typing or attempt to click ‘Send’.
    It pauses everything for a good 10secs, then the cursor becomes active again until I make another fast move.
    Very frustrating. My thinking has been that it wants the ads to have more air-time.
    Maybe if I was not a free member, I probably would not have the issue.

  3. Charles David Hadden

    I get that multiple times a day. When you share as many as 10,000 posts a month the fairies at FB can’t handle it. that and it just adds one more toll for them to silence you.

    1. I’ve been having the “scrolling too fast” blocks for the past year and I post maybe once a day at most, sometimes less than once a week. So that’s definitely not the issue.


        I get it as soon as i log into facebook when i have not even done anything driving me crazy know how you feel

        1. Neal McElroy

          Could it be retribution for filing a claim for Facebook privacy settlement?

  4. Terry – I have another Facebook issue that I’ve had many people ask me about – when you go to type a comment in Facebook on a post – the screen jumps up and you have to scroll back up to continue your comment – seems to do it when you use the shift key, the back key, but sometimes just when you start typing – only happens on Facebook – any ideas?

    1. Terry Hollett

      One of the first things I recommend when people have Facebook issues is to clear out the cache or temporary internet files. Another problem could be extensions installed. Try disabling all of your extensions and see if it makes any difference. Resetting your browser and/or trying a different browser are other options.

      1. my facebook app work fine on my phone and ipad but I get that ‘too fast message or a message telling me that my email address is not connected to an account. when I try to log in via the internet

    2. Only time that happens to me is if I don’t double check that I clicked into the message box before typing

  5. I’m having that issue but only on my computer not on my phone… Strange isn’t it? Would it be a block based on IP?

    1. Terry Hollett

      No. If your IP was blocked it would affect all your connected devices.

      1. I’m not talkong about thr ip of my box but thr ip of my computer… It blocks on my pc on my several browsers but on my phone it’s not blocked on the app nor in its browsers

        1. Terry Hollett

          When you connect a device to your internet it gets a unique IP address. In my case, my system uses the format So if I hook up a computer it might get and the next .03…and so on. (let’s call these private IPs or Internal)But these are not the address that goes online. These represent the connections to your router. Then your router connects through one specific IP address associated with your account from your ISP or who you get internet from. If you go to a site like https://www.whatismyip.com you see your public IP address. This is the IP that Facebook and all other services see. They do not see the private IPs. Facebook can only see the public IP. I don’t know if Facebook uses IP blocking because there could be more than one person in a family using the same public IP. They have cookies on your computer and phone that tell them what device you are using. More likely that’s why one device is blocked and the other not.

        2. I just had the same message on my iPad. I was wondering if it was iClouds private relay (Beta), but that’s only on MacOS & iOS?

        3. Gary Blackman

          I have the same problem. I can’t upload photos to my FB albums from my Windows desktop connected via my cable modem but can using my IPhone on wifi. I also can if using my art page on FB but not my main account page. Facebook has put a block on my account for making too many posts in a period of time. Hopefully it ends soon!!

        4. You’re talking about your device’s MAC address being blocked. Networks can do that, but I’m not sure a whole website would. The MAC address is 100% unique to each device, and never changes (unless the user “spoofs” it, which can be done, but for VERY advanced device users, probably). MAC addresses are alphanumeric and formatted like D4:YJ:9W:P3:6R:8H:L1. CAN fb/websites block users based on MAC addresses? Anyone?

  6. Actually I just turned that off in setting, and after I completed MFA and signed in, it’s working again. So is this only happening on MacOS & iOS or does it effect Windows too?

    1. For me, it initially happened on firefox browser for ubuntu/linux. I have not tried from my windows environment yet, because my drive recovery platform used is linux. I have no interest in trying anywhere else, tbh, I just need to get the photos I’ve posted there over the years. However, while it gave me the “too fast” message in linux; I was able to recover the account and reset the pw on my iphone, so iOS devices aren’t blocked. Now that I’ve fixed my log in after 2 years of absence; it hasn’t given me the “too fast” message and allowed me to login.

  7. My fun Facebook issue is that for some reason my account follows all sorts of pages without my input. I unfollow these sites when I can. It can be up to 12 or more a day. Then fb puts me in time out for a few days for doing it. I responded once, but now I couldn’t care less and will probably delete it. It is pretty much unusable now anyway.

    1. Terry Hollett

      If you are blocked, you gave feedback, there isn’t much more you can do now except wait.

  8. butterflyflutterby

    i have this issue at the moment it wont connect and all me to sign in and connect my data to coin master how i used this to much to sign in is beyond me been waiting two day to be unlocked ,,,, but everything on fb is working fine no issues

  9. Ethan Haschke

    I have had this issue today, I have to press the reload button on top of the computer

  10. I am getting this message when I go to click the Comments link to read the comments on a post. I can’t even click the link– as soon as my cursor goes over any part of the link, I get the “going too fast” message. This started with the first set of comments I tried to read today (after more than 24 hours of FB inactivity), and it is every post, every page, every group. Interestingly, it does not happen on Firefox– but does on Chrome, Opera, and Edge.

    1. Taking in the common dominator, Chrome, Opera, and Edge are all Chromium-based browsers, while Firefox is not. So, it can be a bug between Facebook and Chromium, meaning that this is bad programing, something that should not be of our concern as non-developers.

  11. I hate the painful Facebook deleted the account and finished the suffering I hope come out nice social.

  12. I check FB about once or twice a month. My APP on my phone still works but on my MacBook air I am blocked. I haven’t posted anything in months and haven’t commented on anything in months. No Ideal what I’ve done or how to fix it. I tried to change my password and clear my cache but still nothing.

  13. This is happening to me right now.
    I was going through my news feed and blocking all the AncientAliens, UFO Hunters, and other fake news.

    This was my only activity at the time.
    I have a screenshot of the error if you want it. It pops every 20 seconds or so.

  14. I’ve been having this problem on my iPad on and off all summer. It happens most when I either go to reply to someone’s comment in a thread or merely try to open someone else’s replies to read them. Replying myself or trying to access someone else’s reply seems to be the focus of the issue in my case. Facebook will also refresh the screen while I’m in the middle of typing into a comment box, wiping out all my typing work that far, before I can post it. I’ve wondered if these are Facebook/Safari incompatibility issues because although my iPad was new a year ago I haven’t updated its iOS to the most recent version (doing so wipes all my passwords and then I have to retype/reinstalll them all). Also, I’m accessing Facebook through my Safari browser rather than using Facebook’s own app for Safari. I’ve ‘filed a complaint’ with FB repeatedly stating: How could I possibly have been “going too fast” by single finger-typing just ONE CHARACTER into the start of a REPLY/COMMENT box? Perhaps there is some kind of timing ‘mismatch’ going on with how the iPad connects through my router? My iMac Pro desktop hasn’t manifested this same problem with the Facebook interface; only my iPad has. I hope this information is of help somehow.

  15. Tiffany Funk

    I just started having this issue on my Windows laptop. I just started creating over a dozen chat groups that work with my FB group and I wonder if that has something to do with it.

  16. I don’t use Facebook but my Facebook is connected to the games I play so I went to log in for my game and it told me I was going to fast I was confused because I was on another device trying to figure out what my password was then I went on my phone to log in and that came up and it is still showing after a hour its so frustrating

    1. Terry Hollett

      I wish there was more that we could do in these cases but if Facebook blocks you there isn’t much you can do but wait.

  17. I created a new account, got the confirmation email and entered the code, instead of clicking the confirm email button/link in the email and now I get the:

    You’re Temporarily Blocked
    It looks like you were misusing this feature by going too fast. You’ve been temporarily blocked from using it.

    And I have no button/way to ask why? I can log in to an alternate FB account no problem?

    1. Terry Hollett

      Use this email to get general support: support@fb.com
      No promises. Be specific as possible concerning. name, email, birthdate any addresses or phone numbers on your account. Your exact problem. I guess, worth a shot.

      1. yea, that’s funny. no you get no support even with the support @fb.com. gee if only there was a way for the helpless desk to nitify users “report recei ved and we ar eworkin gon it”

  18. Mike Oxlongest

    I got the ‘It looks like you were misusing this feature…’ message pop-up only two days after setting up a profile on Facebook. Though I use it to stay in contact with friends who are distant from me, I hate the way and the fact that there is no human contact whatsoever with any human Admin on Facebook. My profiles have often been banned for 30 days at a time simply because their own AI cannot, and does not understand (British) English. Neither can it understand dialect! Facebook needs humans, not just as users but also for Admin!

  19. I’m having this issue now. I can’t even scroll through a few posts nor use messenger. I literally only opened a facebook tab. No clue what I did wrong.

  20. I have received the ” looks like you misused Facebook by going too fast” msg yesterday. I was only viewing a friend’s profile. Now I can’t get into a section of their profile…very odd. Have written to Facebook via their msg option, as the block is still there this morning. It’s been 24 hours now. Initially I thought maybe my friend had changed their settings and blocked me from looking at that section of their profile, but it seems it’s fb

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