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Friend Requests

I love Facebook. I am able to stay connected to friends and family. Who needs to pick up the National Enquirer or Star Magazine in the checkout area at the grocery store? There is enough drama on some folks’ Facebook timelines to pass your time and allow you some chuckles.

Oftentimes on Facebook, you may get Friend requests that you need to approve or remove. Have you ever been on the opposite side of the friend scale and sent someone a friend request and they did not respond? If you’ve ever received a friend request on Facebook and decided to simply ignore it, thinking that whoever sent it won’t ever know, well think again.

Friend Denials

The pain, the agony, the defeat, the biggest blow to your ego to have someone not “Friend” you back or approve your request. What did you do to tick them off?

Sheesh! Don’t they know you are waiting with bated breath to read their insights on their timeline? Until they approve your request, you are left in the dark… cold and hungry, feeling sorry for yourself.

How To Monitor Friend Requests

There is a way to monitor all those you have sent Facebook Friend requests to who have not responded. You will not receive a notification if someone turns you down, or you unfriend someone. Oftentimes, I have forgotten who I sent Friend Requests to,  as so much time has elapsed that I have heard nothing back. I am here to tell you that you can see every single person who has rejected, or not responded, to your Facebook Friend Request.

Sit tight and curb that enthusiasm while I guide you through the steps:

  • Log into Facebook and tap on the icon on the toolbar in the top right corner that looks like two little silhouettes. (aka the “Friend Request” icon)

  • Scroll down the page and click “See all” at the bottom
  • On the next page, you will see a little “View Sent Requests” link. Go ahead, you know you just want to and give that a click.

  • Check out the list. At this point, take a deep breath and don’t act impulsively by sending those who are ignoring you angry, or passive-aggressive eMails. Cry, eat a bowl of ice cream, drown your sorrows in a good bottle of wine.

Request their Facebook Friendship again… repeat… and the beat goes on and another day passes on Facebook.

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  1. I was wondering if Facebook ever use their programming algorithms to generate friends requests for you? For example, most of my friend requests appear to be because I am friends with family members who might be friends with other family members or their friends who I do not know.

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