EZ Image Editing with MS Office Picture Manager

We all create images with our cellphones and our cameras and then proceed to slap them places on the internet or send them to people via email. Sometimes we’d like to touch those pictures up a bit or crop them; more often then not we should be sizing them appropriately for certain spaces, but we don’t know how. Photoshop often comes to mind at this juncture, but for so many – it’s overkill.  Thankfully, there’s a program that comes with Office 2010 and several earlier versions, called MS Office Picture Manager. It really succeeds by offering a user-friendly image editing app that does some things don’t know how or don’t want to access in a more extensive application.

This application can also be accessed in the Start Menu>All Programs>MS Office 2010>MS Office 2010 Tools.

Although many programs offer to do the sizing for you these days, you should still have an available program which allows you to make the edits your way.

FYI: They did away with Picture Manager in Office 2013, but some folks have figured a way around that.


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