Extended GodMode – God Mode On Steroids

Extended GodMode is free and portable software that expands classic God Mode with the addition of multiple useful features.

God Mode, also known as the Windows Master Control Panel, is a shortcut for quick access to multiple (200+) control/system settings all from within a single folder. God Mode has been available in all Windows versions since Vista through to Windows 10. Learn How To Access God Mode in Windows 10.

Many users have found God Mode to be very useful over the years and now a free and portable utility from WinTools.Info called Extended GodMode takes the concept a step further by including a number of additional useful functions. Extended GodMode supplements default God Mode with the following features:

  • Quick search by item name
  • Searches can be saved
  • Manage favourites
  • Display recently used items
  • Display of most used elements
  • Integration of Control Panel and Admin Tools elements (can be disabled)
  • Quick access to each setting item from the software system tray icon menu

The original GodMode contains more than 200 items, depending on your configuration and operating system version. Extended GodMode complements these functions with the Admin Tools and Control Panel elements. It displays all setting options in a single interface and allows access to them grouped in several ways according to different criteria. Extended GodMode also includes a powerful search engine. Individual searches can be saved to create groups of settings.

Extended GodMode Download & Usage

Extended GodMode consists of a single standalone executable weighing in at a mere 410 KB which, according to Virus-Total, is 100% clean. To run the software simply double-click the downloaded executable.

As you can see from the above screenshot, Extended GodMode’s interface is pretty basic. Shortcuts are grouped by Recent, Most (used), and Favourites. These areas are empty at first but Recent and Most will automatically fill with accessed items added to the lists as you use the program. You can also compile your own list of personal favourites under the Favourites tab. Extended GodMode includes a number of options under the Others tab including a nice range of useful tools, plus access to all Control Panel items and Admin Tools, as well as instant access to the traditional God Mode:

Simply double-click any item in Extended GodMode’s alphabetical list to instantly open/run a particular tool, setting, or applet. Numbers will vary from machine to machine but on my main machine, Extended GodMode lists 264 items, far too many to enumerate here. Suffice to say that it covers pretty much any eventuality.

There are a few basic display options under the View tab, including a Dark Theme:

Plus eight different languages to choose from under the Languages tab.


Extended GodMode is an excellent tool for easy and quick access to system-level settings. The software is based on the God Mode function of Windows and complements its capabilities in several useful ways. If you are a fan of God Mode, I pretty much guarantee you’ll love Extended GodMode. And, if you’ve never created a God Mode shortcut, I suggest you give this software a try — it’s free, simple, and portable — always an appealing combination.

*FURTHER READING: How To Access God Mode In Windows 10

5 thoughts on “Extended GodMode – God Mode On Steroids”

  1. Thank you
    I have used God mode from the start. I even talked to the bloke who wrote it; he doesn’t speak much English, I helped him with the wording on the ‘how to use thing’ as best as I could understand myself. I only talked with him once, he was a shy bloke, as I was too back then, getting better after all these decades. It is good to see it has a dark mode, I like dark modes 🙂

  2. Just tried it, found at least one feature that is missing from Windows. That is the “classic” Desktop slideshow dialog. MS removed access to it from the Control Panel and Settings dialog. But this app was able to launch it.

    I like it because it allows us to set time less than 1 minute, as low as 10 sec.


    1. Hi Me (I feel as though I’m talking to myself) 🙂

      You are most welcome. Thank you for the additional information, appreciated,.

  3. ah, just trying it ….seems quick, easy, no install, put desktop shortcut and it makes god mode even better. thanks for a nice little utility on a pre-football saturday morning.

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