Editing your AutoText Entry in MS Word


Once you have created your AutoText entries, you may, at a later date, have a need to edit them. There is no special editing feature to accomplish this in MS Word unfortunately.  The best method to edit an AutoText is described below.

Follow these steps to learn how:

  1. Insert your AutoText entry into your document.
  2. Make any changes to your text or graphic.
  3. Select your text or graphic that you want to include in your AutoText entry.
  4. Add your AutoText entry, using the same name.
  5. When you finish the above steps, MS Word will ask you if you want to redefine your existing AutoText entry. Simply say yes and Word will replace your old AutoText entry with your new, edited entry.

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  1. Thanks Carol. This is about the only site on the internet which clearly explains to how to update your AutoText, not simple create some or delete it.

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