Easily Download Windows ISOs

  • Download official ISOs from Microsoft servers
  • Applies to Microsoft supported Windows operating systems only – Windows 7/8.1/10
  • Requires .NET Framework 4.6.1

With the release of Windows 8.1 and now Windows 10, Microsoft has made it increasingly more difficult for consumers to download official Windows ISOs, so much so that it is fast becoming mission impossible. The ISO downloads provided via Microsoft’s official download site require a legitimate retail product key, OEM product keys are not accepted, which pretty much disqualifies most users.

Introducing “Windows ISO Downloader”

Windows ISO Downloader is a portable freeware which allows users to download official Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 ISOs from Microsoft servers, as well as Office 2007 and 2010, without requiring a product key. Download consists of a mere 307KB executable which, according to Virus Total, is 100% clean. The tool does not require installation, simply double click the downloaded executable to run. Windows ISO Downloader is very easy to use, involving just a few basic steps:

  • Step 1 – Choose your operating system:

  • Step 2 – Select the required edition from the drop down menu, then click Confirm:

  • Step 3 – Select your language, then click Confirm:

  • Step 4 – Ready to download

Click either the 32-bit or 64-bit download button to start the download immediately or you can use the Copy Link options (as highlighted on the right) to download via a third party downloader.

Bottom Line

Windows ISO Downloader isn’t particularly innovative but it certainly is useful and simplifies the process of downloading Windows ISOs no end. Pus, no product key is required just to download.


20 thoughts on “Easily Download Windows ISOs”

  1. Jim, in the ISO Downloader it is showing 3 versions of Office 2007. I need the “Enterprise” version, would that be considered the “Small Business” “Home and Student” or “Professional” versions they have listed? Also, I have tried to download the “Home and Student” version twice, selecting English both times but the filename shows up as Arabic???
    Thanks for any assistance.

    1. Timothy Daniels

      It would not appear that any of the volume license versions are available. Office or Windows Enterprise versions are only sold via volume license to corporations and institutions. If you have a volume license then you also have access to the Volume License Service Center where you will be able to download anything you need.

      1. Thanks Timothy. I was given this very old Dell laptop and just wanted to do a clean re-install of Windows 7 and Office 2007 on it. I understand what you are saying about the volume license but don’t have access to any volume licensing service center? Would maybe one of the 3 versions available through this ISO Downloader suffice with the product key that I have?

    1. Is that method still working Ron? My information is that it no longer works.

      Anyway, “better” is purely subjective, maybe for more experienced users but, in my opinion, Windows ISO Downloader simplifies the process no end. Oh, and Windows ISO Downloader also provides the option to use a preferred download manager.

  2. This download is marked by Norton Internet Security as a security risk. May just be a false positive but given you are advocating this software can you assure us this is safe ?

    1. Adam, we do not recommend anything here at DCT which has not been thoroughly vetted beforehand. As per the second paragraph in the article… “Download consists of a mere 307KB executable which, according to Virus Total, is 100% clean“.

      Seeing how the 56 antivirus engines through Virus Total all give it a clean bill of health with not one flagging it as risky, I’d say it is very safe: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/66cb678ff279d0a06691bfc16b0ae9be2d0c2dda0f99c004b66f07fd97432169/analysis/

      Norton’s reputation based file scanner is notorious for false positives. If a file is relatively new and not well known so hasn’t yet gained any sort of “reputation”, Norton will always err on the side of caution and flag it as risky.

  3. I get NO response from selecting any version of Windows Office and ISO downloader. Just keep going around in circles with repeat menus coming up.

    1. Maurice, please follow the steps exactly as enumerated in the article, making sure to click the Confirm button.

      Do you have .NET Framework 4.6.1 installed?

  4. I understand this type of download can’t be used if you have an OEM product key (meaning a cheaper, non-retail version of Windows, used on a home-built PC and not transferable on another one).

    Could someone please confirm this ?

    1. I understand this type of download can’t be used if you have an OEM product key

      Can’t be used for what Clairvaux?

      This method is no different to any other – a product key will still be required for installation and OEM product keys will be accepted only on the original or same hardware.

      1. Jim,

        Can’t be used with an OEM product key to activate the installation of Windows after download. I have my original disc bought off Amazon, plus a copy I made. Such a download would be a backup option to me.

        I’ve looked up the site, and it does have a table where it says that my OEM version is covered.

        However I understand this software is just a convenient user interface. How can it bypass a Microsoft licensing restriction if it taps into Microsoft servers ? Or how can different Microsoft servers enforce different licensing policies ?

        1. Okay, I understand.

          Microsoft’s site is set up in such a way that requires a product key in order to access the download on its servers. The restriction is on the site, not on the servers which host the download. This software has obviously found a way to access the downloads directly from Microsoft servers, thus bypassing the product key requirement.

          This has been done before, using a browser script to access these downloads direct.

  5. Clairvaux, I don’t understand why MS would impose the restriction in the first place. Users still require a product key for installation and activation anyway, so I don’t see what purpose it achieves.

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