E3 2015 – New Games Preview

Running from 16 to 18th June, E3 is being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center and is the premier showcase for computer and video games. Here are a few games announced already.


Needing very little introduction, Doom was first unleashed by id Software in 1993 and was the pioneer of the FPS genre. Since 2004, when the highly polished Doom 3 was released, rumours were rife of a sequel. Well, it’s finally coming in the Spring next year and it’s brutal.

Warning: extremely graphic gameplay.


More gameplay here:



The Division

The long awaited apocalypse survival shooter first made an appearance at E3 2013 and since then, many of us thought it may have become vapourware. But no, it’s really happening and due for release in March 2016. We’re all hoping it doesn’t lose the dark and edgy feel that the original teaser trailers had, but judging from comments on the net, the game does look like a watered down version of what we saw two years ago.



Rise of The Tomb Raider

Although set to be a timed exclusive on XBox, this gameplay trailer does appear to show Lara raiding actual tombs, which is what we’ve come to expect from the ballsy lass. The only fly in the ointment being that we PC gamers will have to wait until……I’ll stick my neck out and say March 2016.


Actual gameplay here:



Fallout 4

How we love the post apocalyptic and surviving against the odds scenarios, which never seem to get tired. Fallout 4 is an eagerly awaited game that many are suggesting will be Game of The Year in 2016.



No Man’s Sky

First revealed at E3 last year, this is a game of infinite possibilities, quite literally. The games uses procedural generation, which effectively means you could play it until the end of time itself. You will discover new planets and systems as you travel further and further through the universe. Scary right? Oh and the good news is that it’s coming to PC as well as consoles when it’s released next year!



Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Personal freedom comes at a price. Now that sounds familiar doesn’t it? In this origins story or sequel to the 2008 game, depending on your point of view, we see Faith crusading against corporate greed and domination, in a luscious new world.



Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

I’m digging the music man!

An FPS in Vietnam and since I’ve never played a war game down there, this is definitely one to look forward to.



3 thoughts on “E3 2015 – New Games Preview”

  1. Robert Taylor

    I liked Doom and the follow up versions, My favorite part was having to use your flashlight but not being able to use your gun if your flashlight was on. So as soon as the bad guy came up you had to drop the flashlight and start shooting in the dark, made for scary fun.

    1. It was scary fun Robert, but with Doom 3 I installed the duct tape mod which straps a torch to your guns, except the bfg of course.

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