E3 2014 Highlights – New Games

E3 in Los Angeles opened its doors to the trade on Tuesday morning and already some stunning new games have been announced.

 Far Cry 4

The original Far Cry from Crytek was a ground breaking game back in 2004, due to its lush graphics and no nonsense killing sprees. Later followed up by Far Cry 2 and its dull brown African landscape and nauseating gameplay, the franchise made a storming return with Far Cry 3 in 2012 and blew our socks off into the bargain.

Far Cry 4 promises much of the same and more with it’s gorgeous landscapes, ruthless villains and erm, elephants.


Ubisoft also released some tantalising gameplay which suggests we’ll have even more ways to kill in November.



Rise of The Tomb Raider

Well, what a pleasant surprise. After months and months of a seemingly endless news blackout, Crystal Dynamics gave us a glimpse of Lara Croft in 2015.


Not only that,but also a follow up to Guardian of Light.


Both to be released sometime in 2015.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

This particular game has had many of us dropping our jaws and selling our inheritances in anticipation of its post apocalyptic, open world New York setting.


It’s also worth checking out Ubisoft if you prefer it from the horses mouth.


The dialogue alone is enough to draw you in, so take a peek at the actual gameplay video released by Ubisoft and tell yourself that you want Megan to be your sister. You know it makes sense.


And if game engines light your fire, then check out how the Snowdrop engine brings post apocalyptic New York to life.


Doom 4

It’s ten years since Doom 3 and no doubt Bethesda’s teaser trailer will only serve to ramp up the volume on the Doom rumour mill, but at least it’s something.



Remember John Hurt having a dodgy plate of bolognese? Well this is worse, much worse.

Take a peak if you want to.


Also at Alienisolation for some lo-fi, sci-fi loveliness.

More news from E3 as it breaks….


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