Do You Maintain A Healthy System?

Here is a quick quiz to determine how well (or badly) you are doing at maintaining a healthy system. The more questions you answer with “yes” (figuratively) the better you will score:

  1. Do you regularly run a junk file cleaner, such as Wise Disk Cleaner or PrivaZer? I would recommend once per month as an average.
  2. Do you regularly run a second-opinion malware scanner/remover, such as Malwarebyes Anti-malware (free)? I would recommend once per month as an average.
  3. Do you regularly run System File Checker (sfc /scannow in an elevated command prompt) to check for system file corruptions? I would recommend every two weeks. When system file corruptions accumulate they will eventually reach a stage where System File Checker will not be able to fix them.
  4. Do you keep all your installed software up-to-date? There are several good free software updaters, I would recommend PatchMyPC.
  5. Do you find unknown software installed on your PC and have no idea where it came from? Most likely that has happened when you installed a known software and, because you didn’t check through the installation process properly, some other software has been piggy-backed.
  6. Do you pre-check the reputation of software you intend to download and install?
  7. Do you check downloaded software through a scanner prior to installing, either online through Virus Total or locally through a second-opinion scanner?
  8. Do you regularly back up all personal data — documents, pictures, music, etc.?
  9. Do you regularly create system image backups? I would recommend Aomei Backupper Standard or Macrium Reflect Free.
  10.  Do you perform steps 1,2,3 and 4 prior to creating system image backups?

If you answered “yes” to all 10 questions, you are doing brilliantly, so give yourself a pat on the back

  • Yes to 6- 9 questions and you aren’t doing too badly
  • Yes to 3- 5 questions you need to try harder
  • Yes to 1- 2 questions you really need to try harder
  • Yes to zero questions, sell your PC

The above is meant as a bit of fun but it also represents a fair indication of how well you are doing with maintaining and safeguarding your system. And yes, I perform all those steps regular as clockwork. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Do You Maintain A Healthy System?”

  1. Oh thank you, as I am one of those who just run the computer and hope nothing goes wrong.
    I do have a daily Malwarebytes scan run automatically though.
    I have just tried to run the sfc /scannow as administrator and the only thing that came up was Do you want this app to make changes etc etc with nothing further appearing to run – I am assuming elevated command prompt means as administrator.
    I think you will now see why I don’t get involved with some of these things until reading your recommendations.

    1. Hey John,

      That opening line cracked me up, love the honesty.

      Yes, run Command Prompt (Admin). What popped up is a UAC (User Account Control) window, just click “Yes” and the Command Prompt will then open. Type in sfc /scannow and hit Enter.

      BTW: You can always take advantage of our free personal assistance service John. Just click Ask an Expert! in the menu across the top of the page, fill out the contact form and we’ll do our very best to answer your questions.

  2. Thanks, Jim.
    I already do almost all of those every week; I do a few once a month.
    sfc /scannow added to my list. (Repaired a few items today.)

    1. Hey Joe,

      Good for you. That type of regular maintenance will ensure your operating system remains healthy and responsive for many years.

  3. Jim, here are my alternative solutions.
    For #2, Emsisoft Emergency Kit.
    For #3, run also after every Windows update.
    For #5, run Ashampoo Uninstaller to see if something was installed.
    For #9, prefer to clone the drive. Alternate with 2 drives and verify the work. Great list to follow, Mindblower!

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