Do Mobile Notifications Bug You?

How often do you need to be notified when someone you don’t know and are never likely to meet, posts an Instagram picture of them sipping a cappuccino in Starbucks? Or worse still, someone berating you for liking a Twitter post and questioning why you should have liked said post in the first place. I’m sure you get my drift and in this world of in-your-face media content, there comes a time when you simply have to take control of what is being thrown at you.

Now, the above notifications don’t really bug me that much because it’s quite interesting to learn that Cape Town will be experiencing high winds in the next few hours, new games are arriving on Game Pass, the weather where I live will be very hot (again, unfortunately) and I’m being reminded to update my timeline (mildly irritating). This is because I’ve weeded out all social media notifications for being not only banal, but extremely irritating. On an Android phone, you can do the same by tapping Settings and then Notifications.

This brings up Notifications for all the apps you have installed.

Simply toggle the switch for any app that bugs you and you won’t hear from them again, allowing you to enjoy life without being bombarded with nonsense.

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