Brave Browser’s Built-in Translation Feature

Brave is a relatively new Chromium-based browser that has quickly gained a following due to its enhanced privacy features. The latest Brave builds include a new “translate” feature which, when you visit a foreign-language website, will automatically identify the correct language and offer to translate the page into English. I’m guessing this will also work for non-English speaking users as well – i.e., translating websites from English into the user’s native language.

If you’re running the latest Brave build (1.45.113) and visit a foreign-language website you should see the new “Translate” icon situated at the far right end of the address bar, adjacent to the “Share this page” icon. Whenever you visit a foreign-language website, a menu will automatically open offering to translate the page into English (or whatever your native language might be). Clicking on the three little horizontal lines within that menu will open up access to a number of options.

NOTE: The Translate feature’s icon and the menu only display when you are visiting a foreign-language website.

As you can see in the example in the above screenshots, I have visited a Spanish website that Brave is offering to translate into English.

This is yet another handy feature that has been incorporated into the Brave browser.

3 thoughts on “Brave Browser’s Built-in Translation Feature”

    1. No Delma, no such problems here. Seeing how the majority of websites are now https, I’d imagine the issue you’re having would affect most sites.

      1) Try running Brave with no extensions – all extensions disabled. If the issue goes away, you’ll then be able to track down which extension is causing the issue.

      2) Try clearing browser data in Brave: Settings > Privacy and security > Clear browsing data

      What DNS server are you using?

      1. Delma Talley

        Well I guess you must have scared it away! I’m not having problems getting there now – thanks so much

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