Be Wise Optimize – Part 2

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Wise Folder Hider

I use this utility to keep some of my files safe and or from prying eyes.  Once I put a file or folder into the locker, it is hidden from searches and nobody can open the locker without the password.

Login Screen

It is easy to use. Choose a File, folder or USB Drive and put it in.  The drop down box offers you to Open, Unhide or to enter an additional password for the file itself.  “NOW A WORD OF CAUTION” DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSWORD.

Locker Contents

The information is recoverable but only by Wise. This is a free program and as long as you don’t lose your password it remains free. However, if you lose or forget it Wise offers a paid WFH Password Retrieve Service. Let’s hope you never need it.

Wise Jet Search (fast search)

Fast Search, which is Wise Jet Search, is one of my most used desktop search engines. I have four different operating systems on my computer and 8 hard drives, plus one 500 kb backup and that is not counting the USB drives. A bit excessive I know, but hey, we all have our quirks.

If I need a file and can’t remember where it is, even what its full name is or maybe I only know the type of file, a search engine is a must. One that does a complete index of everything prior to your need to search is going to be the fastest. When you open Jet Search you will see a blank version of the screen below.

In the example below I just searched 8 hard drives for *.jpg to show you its speed. Jet Search located 23,786 file and folders in less than one second. Now I can sort my search by any of the sortable column tabs.

Jet Search Results

Another nice feature and perhaps the main reason I use Jet Search is the drop down tab at the top of my screen. Just hover your mouse near a thin blue stripe and enter your keyword.  It makes it very handy.  What more can you ask for, well….

Dropdown Option

There are some needed features that would put this program right up there with the best are missing.  First, there is no ability to search within a file. So if I need to find a specific Word doc that has the comment I made about “Doris”,  I cannot use this program to find it.

Right Click Options

Another flaw is that you cannot directly open a file or folder by clicking on it, You can’t just drag that .jpg into an open graphic editor. You have to right-click on the file and then choose  Open Folder, locate the file within the folder and then drag it.  Yes you can right-click and open the file but I just want to add it to another open file. The image on the right shows the available commands with a right-click.

Wise Memory Optimizer

Honestly, I normally don’t use this program, but only because memory is not a problem for me.  With 32 Gb I seldom have the need, besides when you run Wise Care 365 at startup it has a built-in memory optimizer.  Besides, in the Wise Care 365 Install it creates a blue floating bar that really does the same thing. Just set the default percentage before optimization on the floating bar or fire up this one and click Optimize now.

Memory Optimizer

Wise Program Uninstaller

Windows has its own uninstaller so why use this one?  Well the best reason is that some programs can hang up or some resist being uninstalled and this program gives you the option of a Force Uninstall. Clicking on any item opens a window giving you three options to perform on the program , Safely Uninstall, Modify the program or Force Uninstall it.  I have had to do this from time to time and it has proven very helpful.

Uninstaller Screen

Another feature is available by clicking on the log icon at the top of the screen, it will bring up a list of programs that have been uninstalled.

Uninstall Log

Well, we covered all the utilities shown in the right column of the opening screen of Wise Care 365 but let’s take a quick look at the other utilities available on their site.

Wise Game Booster (optimizer)

If you play games on your computer that need a lot of resources, this little gem might be just what you need.  It lets you optimize your computer to specifically play games by freeing up resources not needed to play the game.

Game Booster Screen

The program opens with the “My Games” tab open.  The first time you open the program it will offer to search your computer for any playable games, I would suggest you let it or you will have to click the “Add Game” button and add them individually.

System Optimizer Tab

Once you have decided to play, now it is time to optimize your system.  Click on the first tab System Optimizer and optimize each item shown. Then proceed to the Process Optimizer tab.

Process Optimizer Tab

The program will target all the processes not needed for game play and give you the option to end them.  Finally move over to the Service Optimizer tab.

Service Optimizer Tab

This part of the program isolates all the services currently running that may affect game play and give you an option of stopping those services.  If you want the program to do it all automatically you may click on the Optimize All button in the first screen. Now go kill those alien invaders!

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3 thoughts on “Be Wise Optimize – Part 2”

  1. Perhaps there are some useful features in Wise Care 365. But, in my opinion, it’s just another Norton Utilities. Trying to be a multitude of things in one package almost always means mediocrity across the suite. I have never used Wise Care (nor, do I intend to), so I can’t pass judgement on whether it’s worth the bother to install it. But, again, it’s a suite. That means it probably doesn’t excel at any one task, above or beyond a stand alone program that does the same task.

    Further, installing a suite of programs that monitor this, filter that and optimize the other, all in real time, that means your computer is running memory hogging, resource eating modules in the background that slow down every aspect of the computer’s performance. This is especially true if your computer already has anti-virus, anti-malware, and a myriad of other programs running, scanning, filtering, blocking, and who knows what else.

    Take a look at your system tray. If you have more than a half-dozen icons residing in the system tray, you are burdening your system crap that systematically deteriorate your computer’s performance.

    There is a continuous battle for real estate in the system tray. Not all of the apps that reside there are as beneficial as they may seem. My policy is, if I don’t regularly use the icons in the system tray, or access the application it represents, then it doesn’t need to be there, and I can run the app manually from the Start menu if and when i need it.

    By and large, application or utility suites such as Wise Care may promise the moon and stars, while in reality, the moon is a mirage and stars rarely shine. In my 29 years of futzing with computers, I have learned that it is usually best to find stand alone programs that do what you want, rather than bogging your system down with a suite that wants to be your everything. Trying to be all things to all people never succeeds.

    1. Nonetheless, I enjoy reading DCT articles, ideas and experiences. While I may not necessarily agree with everything I read, I often do. Or, I learn something new.

      Keep up the good work! 🙂

      1. Thanks beachbouy, for your comments and input. I understand, some programs are not for everyone.

        I even mentioned In part 2, that all features can be downloaded as a stand alone product, not a suite, and all but the WiseCare, which can be turned off, are not tray items.

        My personal tray only includes 5 items: Dropbox, One Note, Avast, WDbook, and Win update so I agree and understand you there. Also, I only have Win update because of operating with Pro insider preview of Win 10.

        The posts focus was on the “free” feature for those that want one or more of the programs but don’t want to buy them. I’m new to blogging and really enjoy the input by the readers so if there anything you would like to see, let me know.


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