Avast Security Warning When Opening Opera

The last week or so, when I opened up Opera, I would get a security warning concerning a website it blocked named laqur.check-stat.com. I checked online but couldn’t find out much about the site. I went to the Opera forum to see what other info I could find out. It was suggested it might be an extension that I have installed that might be trying to connect to the site in question.

I could disable all the extensions and enable them one by one and try to isolate the culprit but that sounded very time-consuming, so that would be Plan B. I decided on Plan A first– check the Avast logs and hope it had logged the event and the main suspect.

I checked Avast for any logs but couldn’t find anything that referenced it. I opened Opera and the warning message popped up. I noticed the option on the warning message to See details. I didn’t pay attention to this at first. So I clicked on it.

Sure enough, when the details panel opened underneath, it clearly stated the culprit was the Video Downloader For Facebook. I have no intentions of dumping this downloader right now, so until I come across a better extension, I’m going to keep using it and let Avast do its job.

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6 thoughts on “Avast Security Warning When Opening Opera”

    1. Should read “Nice find Terry. Glad to see you have not abandoned Opera, Mindblower!”

  1. Hello Terry, I’ve just contacted Avast to check this for a possible false positive detection. I’ll post back as soon as I receive a reply. (This is the weekend, so I don’t expect anything till Mon.)

  2. I’ve just received a reply from Avast, and this is not a false positive.
    Here is their reply:
    Jakub Vávra 1 minute ago
    detection correct, the site is part of a malicious chrome addon which hijacks clicked links. suggest removing the addon Video downloader for Facebook.
    Time to look for a replacement for that tool. Sorry.

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