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Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro

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Put a muzzle on Microsoft, Google, and other programs on your PC

New Program! Ashampoo has kindly offered us five licenses for their new AntiSpy Pro software. At the time of writing, these licenses are valued at $39.99 (US) but are discounted to $29.99. These full-version licenses may each be used on up to 10 PCs per household.

“Windows 10 is known as a telemetry hog for a reason. Telemetry data helps Windows get to know you and your habits better and allows Microsoft to adapt both comfort features and ads to your preferences–unless you put a stop to it! Other programs from Google or search engines like Bing track your every move and collect massive amounts of data for the creation of complex user profiles. Ashampoo® AntiSpy Pro prevents the sending of telemetry data in over 100 places with just one click! Regain control and protect your privacy on Windows 10, Windows 8 and even Windows 7 PCs!” ~ Ashampoo

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System Requirements


Installation of AntiSpy Pro is fast and there are no unwanted “extras” to watch out for. As usual, Ashampoo requires you to create an account to activate this product. This is done to protect themselves from would-be pirates who would try to use their products illegally.

Ease Of Use

When you first fire up AntiSpy Pro, you are greeted with a very basic Main window.

You will notice Settings and Help links in the upper right. The most important link would be the Customize link in the lower right.

The Settings link will let you choose whether you want AntiSpy to start with each logon, interface customizations, Proxy settings, and a connections Privacy setting.

The Help link allows you to submit a Ticket to Ashampoo’s Tech Support, check the status of your license, and Register your product.

The Customize link will bring you here:

In this window, there is a Protection Presets drop-down menu with some general settings from which to choose.

Maybe I’m easily confused but this interface had me put off at first. Does one click on the Block button to block something? Or does that Permit it? I didn’t know until I experimented with it a bit. As it turns out, the button that is highlighted indicates its current status. A user of this or any program should receive immediate and not ambiguous feedback based on their actions. Ashampoo will have to work on this interface a bit, I think. And if you click on the Apply link at the bottom, you are brought back to the Main screen where your settings are applied. I didn’t find this very helpful. In any case, it becomes apparent once you understand how it works.

Another possible problem for the casual user is if you choose the Full preset option from the drop-down, Windows Defender will get angry and throw up a Threats Found message in the Action Center. I pinned it down to the fact that Defender does not like it if the Hosts file is tampered with– and for good reason.

A Pleasant Addition

You can also click on any item listed in the left-hand column to bring up a window containing information about  that item:

If you can ignore the misspellings and grammatical errors (sensible data?) (recommend to use?), this can be a helpful resource. A pleasant addition.

Conclusions 👍

It must be remembered that this is a brand new program and for this reason, it is still a bit rough around the edges. The concept is good and I’m sure Ashampoo will shake out the wrinkles in no time. I particularly like that you don’t have to keep this program running in the background for it to do its job. You basically set it and forget it.

I will be keeping this installed on my machine and see how it goes and hopefully, grows. So far, so good…

How To Enter The Contest

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Good luck to everyone!

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7 thoughts on “Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro Review & Giveaway”

  1. I have several Ashampoo products and know how good they are. It is a no-brainer, an excellent addition to layered protection, Mindblower!

  2. Would be nice to also have program to remove and/or replace all things Google.

    1. Richard Pedersen

      Hi Gene,

      I just checked and AntiSpy Pro does block Google Analytics and Google Chrome Telemetry.

      Not everything perhaps, but it’s a beginning,

  3. Hi Richard,
    Thanks for the information, Ashampoo products are among the most trusted in the world, and I have purchased many products over many years.
    I accept the fact that I prefer to pay for Ashampoo products, the company deserve support for their great products, and the Yiggles points are of great benefit.
    I obtained AntiSpy Pro recently as a free product, any rough edges I can overcome, and the advice to those who download the programme to create a System Restore point gets an extra tick from me …. ( my regular task)

    Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro shows that the company want attack the nefarious, regular attempts by the computer-operators’ Scum Of The Earth individuals who want to disrupt and destroy the honest and honourable people who live on Earth and want a hassle-free, one off life.



  4. Ralph A Cosh

    This wonderful software would be absolutely what I am needing on my laptop. Thanks Ashampoo and DCT for giving me a chance to win it!

  5. I am always looking for the best malware protection software and this is one I hope to win. … I have used Ashampoo software for years and have never had any trouble with it. It always gets the job done.

    Thanks for this contest Dave and all you do for us.

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