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9 Handy Uses for a Cell Phone Camera

I am currently in the process of putting together a Digital Photography class at our local library. I have secured a long time friend of mine who is a professional photographer to run the class and I am assisting her with putting together material for the classes. It was during this exercise that I thought of a topic I’d like to include.

We all know a regular stand alone digital camera is much different from your standard camera phone. So I will present a lesson about the differences to the class. This also gave rise to an idea for a DCT article. I could write about some of the ways in which my smartphone is very convenient for taking quick and easy snapshots, and we can perhaps share notes.

Here’s my list, see if there’s anything you’d like to add:

The Author with one of my few selfies. This is with my certified Search & Rescue Golden Retriever. We help locate missing people and cadavers.

So what other uses do you have for your cell phone camera, besides selfies?

<Giggle> I am not normally a selfie person and for Christmas I got an Anker Bluetooth Selfie stick. Hmmm, may just have to start using it more.