46 Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

I use keyboard shortcuts all the time. There are many lists out there and this list is not all there are. These are many that I find useful. Let me know of ones you use that I have missed. 

Some of these have been around ever since Windows 95. They all are very useful and you might know some of them. These are great additions to your personal toolbox:

NoteWin means the Windows key, the key with a flag usually to the left of the space bar.

  1. Alt+D: Focus on the address bar
  2. Alt+Enter: Open Properties for the currently selected file in File Explorer
  3. Alt+Left: Go back one folder in File Explorer
  4. Alt+P: Toggle the Preview pane in File Explorer
  5. Alt+Right: Go forward one folder in File Explorer
  6. Alt+Up: Go to parent folder in File Explorer
  7. Ctrl+B: Bold the selected text
  8. Ctrl+C: Copy selected item
  9. Ctrl+Esc: Opens the Start Menu
  10. Ctrl+I: Italicize the selected text
  11. Ctrl+J: Open download window in the browser
  12. Ctrl+L: Focus on the address bar
  13. Ctrl+N: Open new File Explorer window in File Explorer
  14. Ctrl+P: Open Print dialog box
  15. Ctrl+Shift+Esc: Opens the Task Manager
  16. Ctrl+Shift+N: Create a new folder in File Explorer
  17. Ctrl+U: Underline the selected text
  18. Ctrl+V: Paste the last item in the clipboard
  19. Ctrl+W: Close the current window
  20. Ctrl+X: Cut the selected item
  21. Ctrl+Y: Redo the last action
  22. Ctrl+Z: Undo the last action
  23. F11: Toggle Full-screen mode
  24. F2: Rename the currently selected file or folder
  25. Shift+Del: Delete the selected file or folder and skip the Recycle Bin
  26. Win+A: Opens the Action Center
  27. Win+C: Activates Cortana listening mode
  28. Win+Ctrl+O: Toggles a keyboard on the on-screen
  29. Win+D: Hides all windows. Hit again to restore windows
  30. Win+Down: Minimizes the current window
  31. Win+E: Opens File Explorer
  32. Win+Esc: Closes the Magnifier
  33. Win+I: Opens the Settings app
  34. Win+L: Locks the desktop
  35. Win+Left: Docks the current window to the left
  36. Win+M: Minimizes all windows having a minimize button
  37. Win+Plus: Opens the Magnifier
  38. Win+Q: Opens “Type here to search”
  39. Win+R: Opens the Run window
  40. Win+Right: Docks the current window to the right
  41. Win+Shift+S: Snapshot a portion of the current window
  42. Win+Tab: Opens the task view, showing all open programs
  43. Win+Up: Maximizes the current window
  44. Win+V: Paste from the clipboard list of clips
  45. Win+W: Opens Microsoft Whiteboard
  46. Win+X: Opens the Start Menu right-clicked


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  1. It truly is worth reviewing ‘keyboard shortcuts’ every time someone is kind enough to post them, or every 6 months; whichever come first and YMMV. 10Q

    1. I use ctrl+alt+del to open Task Manager
      ctrl+shift+(+) to enlarge the text on the screen or in the email to print larger
      ctrl+(-) to decrease size

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