13 Handy Excel Data Entry Shortcuts

For most folks entering content into an Excel worksheet is a common task. Below are keyboard shortcuts that will automate some of these chores. You might know some of them, but I bet you will find some that you were not aware of!

  • CTRL + K – Insert a hyperlink
  • CTRL + ; – Insert the current date
  • CTRL + : – Insert the current time
  • CTRL + Enter – Enter a value into non-contiguous cells
  • ALT + Enter – Wrap text to a new line in the same cell
  • ALT + Down Arrow – Display AutoComplete list
  • Shift + F2 – Insert comment
  • ALT + = – Insert autosum function
  • Shift + F3 – Launch Insert Function wizard
  • CTRL + Shift + A – Complete function by inserting argument
  • CTRL + Shift +F3 – Create names from labels in adjacent row and/or columns
  • CTRL + F3 – Launch Name Manager
  • F3 – Display Paste Name dialog

Hope these save you keystrokes and time!

1 thought on “13 Handy Excel Data Entry Shortcuts”

  1. It’s been many years since I was an Excel Ranger, but I remember with fondness (and still use) two missing from the list:

    1. Alt + E then D. Deletes a row or column, whichever was selected.

    2. Alt + I then R or C. Inserts a row or column, next to whichever was selected.

    Neat, huh.

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