10 Fearless Predictions For 2022

Actually, this list is more what I would like to see happen in 2022 but probably won’t. Alternative title… We Live In Hope

  1. Microsoft to release a cumulative Windows Update that isn’t buggy and doesn’t break anyone’s operating system — we live in hope
  2. People stop watching reality TV and the studios are forced to cease producing this rubbish — we live in hope
  3. Google places as much importance on users’ privacy as it does on policing them — we live in hope
  4. Facebook places as much importance on users’ privacy as it does on policing them — we live in hope
  5. I’ll tune in to the 6 o’clock news and the first 20 minutes or so won’t be all about COVID — we live in hope
  6. Windows 11’s take-up will be so dismal that Microsoft will be forced to ease its ridiculous requirements and everyone with a PC capable of running Windows 11 will be able to upgrade — we live in hope
  7. Linux desktop market share to finally crack the 3 percent barrier — Linux users live in hope
  8. China to give up on its surreptitious takeover in the Central Indo-Pacific region because of Australia’s awesome military power — Haha!
  9. A new player emerges in the PC parts manufacturing industry freeing up supply and forcing price drops — we live in hope
  10. Political correctness and cancel culture take a back seat as the silent majority prevails — we live in hope

Okay, your turn. What would you like to see happen in 2022 that probably won’t?

6 thoughts on “10 Fearless Predictions For 2022”

  1. An excellant “We Live In Hope” list Jim
    I would add that as fireworks that make loud bangs and supposedly banned in Sweden yet seem to be plentyful the police will actually do some policing and clamp down on them.
    I live in hope.

    1. Clissa Townsend

      What? Fun police in Sweden? Never!
      And I thought Sweden was a nice place.

  2. Robert Taylor

    The next Windows operating system will not have an additional navigating step which was advertised as making our lives easier – I live in hope

  3. My hope is that people will regain the knowledge of good manners. It is so easy to say ‘thank you’ when a driver delivers a parcel. Most people just don’t any more. The shock on some driver’s faces is worth the effort.
    We’ve had a very unhealthy year and were both brought up to show thanks when deserved (we are also pretty good at complaining…..). We bought a decent box of chocolates for our doctor and a large one for the clerical staff and nurses. It looks like we were the only people to thank the non-doctors.
    It’s the little people who make the world work. Most not only do their jobs but go that extra step. They take the flak, suffer the abuse and keep on doing the job.
    And while I’m at it – Thanks Jim for all the info and a good few laughs through the year.

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